Stéphanie St-Onge, C.Pod.

Foot Care Specialist I Certified Podologist I Reflexologist


About Blossom Foot Care...

Stéphanie St-Onge is more than just a foot enthusiast, she's a certified Podologist, Foot Reflexologist, Esthetician, and Naturophath.  Her specialized academic background and training from the North American School of Podology highlights her professionalism and knowledge in areas such as: pedicuring geriatric, diabetic and immune compromised clients.

Although many clients come to visit her for services such as a basic pedicure, it's the teachings of the importance of healthy feet Stéphanie provides that really strikes a chord with her clients.

Her intensive training enables her to properly meet and educate her client needs, especially those whom may be diabetic, have skin or nail infections, ingrown toe nails, and other disorders.

My goal is to offer a personalized, and tailored service to fit your needs, from head to toe.
— Stephanie St-Onge


Stéphanie’s customers are always blown away when they see her business and her level of professionalism. People are amazed at the service they receive and are forever grateful for the knowledge she possesses and continually shares with them. Blossom Foot Care is certainly a whole body experience.


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